A captivating table, beautifully prepared …

A visual feast of exotic design details combine to provide the back drop for a wonderful evening. Our dining room and Moonstone bar are generously appointed, using authentic handcrafted materials and finishes that convey a heady ambience.

… classics revisited with a modern twist, executed with pure ingredients of select provenance …

Our menu is anchored in a strong modern British cooking philosophy, while exploring an elemental Asian purism as well as other international influences.


Classic seafood and meat dishes are revisited with a modern flair, while our marble bar offers libations from an internationally sourced wine list and a bespoke crafted cocktail menu.

… hosted with passion, charm, manners and style.

Our calling is that ancient ethos of hosting, that celebrates the unique relationship shared between a thoughtful host and a treasured guest.
Opening Hours

Bar at Street Level
Monday to Saturday from 5pm


Monday to Saturday from 6:30pm


Monday to Saturday from 12 to 2:30pm

Sunday from 12 to 8:00pm


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15 Gough Street
Central, Hong Kong

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 Our Inspiration Is Our Own Experience…

That so many of life’s most memorable moments are created when creativity, thoughtfulness, quality, and style converge with cherished company.  A time-honoured ethos of authentically handcrafted hospitality, prepared fresh every day – that is the essence of Gough’s on Gough.


Gough Street is a storied locale that has borne witness to much of the modern history of Hong Kong. Named after a British Viscount with an exceptionally international orientation that saw him travel the globe from England to Africa to India and China,  Gough Street has long been a unique point of confluence for an exotic blend of eastern and western culture. With its heady proximity to the traditional Man Mo temple, radical university student life frequented by a revolutionary Sun Yat Sen , its notorious printing shops, and its famous beef brisket noodle shop, Gough has always felt to us like a perfect place for new stories to begin.

Timothy Oulton has been present on Gough Street in Hong Kong since its inception, setting out to create inspiring interior experiences anchored in the values of authentic handcraftsmanship and materials, daring creativity and an ethos of hosting. This ethos has seen it establish a presence in many of the world’s great cities, east and west. The overall designs of Gough’s on Gough, as well as all fixtures and furnishings, have been fabricated in the same workshops that Timothy Oulton uses in the creation of its distinctive furniture collections, all with the intention of providing an inspiring backdrop for our guests’ experiences.

Gough’s on Gough is the first restaurant by Timothy Oulton.

Events on Gough

Our luxurious and distinctive restaurant can be transformed into a private event space in the heart of Hong Kong’s most vibrant creative district.